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TransGlobal Assets believes in a vertically integrated “Seeds to Sales” process. We at TMSH process hemp through indoor or outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Our focus is on self-sustainable living along with delivering high quality CBD and THC products. This involves adding new generation technology, accessing farmland to grow in bulk and various kinds of processing facilities.

  • New Gen Technology for better Quality

    TMSH leads the Cultivation and Manufacturing Machinery with the innovative changes coming through. This helps us boost productivity and cuts the hassle for us.

  • Farmland to grow for Bulk Supply.

    Home on the Hemp Ranch will be a very productive experience. We’re working with hemp farmers nationwide, to ship hemp to the Hemp Ranch where it will be processed into a number of CBD & THC products

  • Greenhouse facilities

    TMSH runs Greenhouse facilities which provides us the advantages, especially because we grow hemp for the CBD production. It also enables us to do Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) for better quality production and advancements.


Hemp Processing
Hemp Processing
Greenhouse Cultivation
Greenhouse Cultivation
Self Sustainable Living
Self Sustainable Living
outdoor farming
Outdoor Farming

CBD & THC Product Materials:

  • We are focused on using the best raw material; Seeds, Hemp Flower, Leaves etc. as it affects the final product quality which can’t be compromised .

  • Extracting cannabidiol for various products is subtle and more productive when the raw material is of 100% good quality.

CBD & THC Products Processing

  • Before the final product comes out, the raw material goes through different processing units.

  • Through farmland production, greenhouse cultivation & hemp processing, the process gets completed.

  • The unique way of processing makes the extraction of CBD and THC smooth and easy.

Safe and 100% Natural

TMSH uses 100% pure natural ingredients to make sure that the product you get stays totally safe to use. Our processing helps us enrich the quality of the product in the. From the Hemp ranch to the processing units & Greenhouses, TMSH doesn’t use unnatural chemicals to make their products fancy.