About Monster Elixir

Monster Elixir

A family of all natural hemp wellness brands. From our organic family farm to your family, we bring you nothing less than natural, organic and wholistic products for healthy consumption.


    Skilfully made by design for a refreshing experience you will never forget. A few refreshing sips of these organic fruits mixed with natural spring waters and infused with an organic cannabis root hydrosol will elevate your mood to the perfect zen.


    Care for your crown with these tropical organic essentials infused with cannabis root hydrosol for a healthy shiny crown. Our Crown Care Essentials line carries a complete crown care system that consists of: moisturizing shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, dandruff shampoos, dandruff conditioners, hair butters, beard oils and beard butters. Crown Care Essentials also cares about healthy skin. We now offer black hemp soaps, peppermint hemp soaps and soothing body butters.


    A wholistic, wellness and CBD brand created by pharmacist for all your personal daily needs.Try our touch warming Massage Oils, Bath Bombs And Tinctures all infused with CBD for a complete soothing experience whenever you need. We also use all organic ingredients for this line as well for the purest form of satisfaction.

Monster elixr

A guide to your wellness:

We believe in Total body rejuvenation that leads you to your ultimate wellness goal. Monster Elixir’s various CBD and THC products help us heal your body and mind in a balanced manner. The balance which can only be achieved with 100% Natural products and beneficiary wellness services. We are in the process of opening facilities like these in other states too where these services will be provided to our guests through a long chain of products and services.

About CDB and THC

Our Mission is to produce the finest CDB and THC infused products on the market. With plans to become vertically integrated through the parent company, TransGlobal Assets (TMSH).